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The Urban College is an initiative of the Urban Management Centre (UMC).  With us, you will better understand modern urban challenges, and how you can address them through your profession.

We employ a pedagogy of project based and hybrid learning, study tours, and in-depth and locally relevant case studies.  You will gain access to experts from both practice and academics, form networks of collaboration with your peers, and gain the tools needed for your career growth.  

Employing a project

based pedagogy

Integrating an

interdisciplinary approach

Providing the best of

academia and practice 

Leveraging decades of professional experience

Serving early career

in-service professional

Connecting  professionals

to  communities



Understanding How Indian Cites Work

What makes a city great? And What makes it terrible? What does YOUR city do for you, and what can YOU do to make it better? 

Our Founder and Director, Manvita Baradi first conceived of this course in 2005. It has subsequently been run in many forms and with different pedagogies, including at CEPT university and recently at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) as part of the 96th Foundation Program. 


Meet the people behind the Urban College


Manvita Baradi

Manvita Baradi is the Founder & Director of the Urban Management Centre. She is one of India’s leading voices advocating for the development of better cities.


Meghna Malhotra

Meghna Malhotra is the Deputy Director of Urban Management Centre. She is an expert on the design and operation of human centric infrastructure...


Anurag Anthony

Anurag Anthony is the Chief Technical Officer at Urban Management Centre. He is an expert in local government management 


Xerxes Rao

Xerxes Rao is the Head - Urban Planning at Urban Management Centre. Xerxes brings with him 16 years of experience in urban development 

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