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Urban Management Centre has over 2 decades of expertise in capacity building for the development sector, and for urban professionals. We have also pioneered e-learning, as well as experiential and project-based learning for governments. Our team has created courses adopted by the Government of India, and regularly teach at premier academic institutions. We help build a better understanding of urban areas and their dynamics, unravel the legal, civic, and administrative frameworks within which they operate, and facilitate an interdisciplinary understanding of design, construction, and management processes. 


About us

The Urban College brings:

  • decades of in-house experience in the design, management, and governance of inclusive cities

  • a pedagogy of interdisciplinary learning, 

  • collaborative practice and real world case studies, 

  • project based learning and dedicated mentorship


Our Other E-Learning Initiatives

E-Learning Initiatives

To facilitate the capacity building of government officials, Urban Management Centre developed the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) e-learning portal. The platform was created in 2015 to function as an active source for civic officials at various levels of governance to understand best sanitation practices.

The platform consists of films accompanied by reference material and a quiz at the end to test their learning. Participants in the module develop an in-depth understanding of the sanitation issues and solutions to the challenges that professionals in this field must tackle.

The Urban Livelihoods e-Learning and Resource Network (U-LEARN), is a first of its kind online e-learning portal developed by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and Urban Management Centre. The e-learning portal is available on the web as well as a mobile application with a multi-language supported interface.

The application targets to benefit the urban poor, marginalized communities, and support the DAY-NULM workforce who are on the field most of the time. 

U-LEARN is a one-stop place to refer to guidelines, advisories, and case studies on DAY-NULM. Users can access learning content in the form of videos, case studies on leading practices, and other reference documents and materials.


Urban Management Centre Affiliates

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Meet the Core Faculty


Manvita Baradi

Manvita Baradi is the Founder & Director of the Urban Management Centre. She is one of India’s leading voices advocating for the development of better cities.


Meghna Malhotra

Meghna Malhotra is the Deputy Director of Urban Management Centre. She is an expert on the design and operation of human centric infrastructure.

Core Faculty

Anurag Anthony

Anurag Anthony is the Chief Technical Officer at Urban Management Centre. He is an expert in local government management across sectors including heritage.


Xerxes Rao

Xerxes Rao is the Head - Urban Planning at Urban Management Centre. Xerxes brings with him 16 years of experience working on projects and policies for the urban development.

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