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Anurag Anthony

Chief Technical Officer

Urban Management Centre

Anurag Anthony is the Chief Technical Officer at Urban Management Centre. He is an expert in local government management across sectors including heritage management, urban design, water-sanitation and community engagement. Anurag has led the conceptualization, planning, design, implementation and monitoring of Government of India’s HRIDAY project in Dwarka, Gujarat over years. He has led listing and grading of built heritage in several cities across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Anurag has supported the Government of Madhya Pradesh to prepare a state-wide institutional structure for urban heritage management and led preparation of heritage bye-laws for prohibited and regulated zones around ASI protected monuments in Gujarat.


Anurag has been a visiting faculty at CEPT University. Anurag has been facilitating city-to-city partnerships between cities in India and USA. Anurag holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a master’s in architecture (Urban Design), a MSC in International Trade and Transport from London and MBA in International Business.



Course on understanding the conflicts and complexities of heritage management

What is Heritage? Why do we spend so much time and effort preserving old buildings? Why are some structures neglected, while others are pristinely preserved? Who decides which building is worth preserving, and who pays for it? 

This program will prepare you to address concerns of governance, finance, livelihoods, and architecture for urban heritage management.

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