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Meghna Malhotra

 Dy. Director,

Urban Management Centre

Meghna Malhotra is the Deputy Director of Urban Management Centre. She is an expert on the design and operation of human centric infrastructure. Meghna is currently leading UMC’s partnership with Government of Odisha to implement the Garima Scheme program and ensure safety and dignity of sanitation workers. She is also instrumental to UMC’s comprehensive support to the Deendayal Antyoday Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM). Meghna has facilitated an emphasis on convergence between DAY-NULM, Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) and other flagship missions.


She is a visiting faculty at CEPT university. Since, 2001, she has been managing city-to-city partnerships programs between Indian and global cities to facilitate peer learning and collaboration. She holds master’s degree in Environmental Planning and brings a holistic approach to local development. She has developed courses that have reached government officials in over 200 cities.



Ensuring safety and dignity across sanitation sector

Why, in 2021, do we still read about sanitation workers deaths and what are we doing as a society to prevent this? Why does the government not ensure these workers of these basic rights? What attempts have been made at national, state or city levels to change this? What needs to be done- stronger enforcement or higher budgets or training and sensitization of employers? are women sanitation workers equally vulnerable as men?

We will dwell deeper into understanding these complex inter-related issues and help you weave these into your work streams. 

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