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The Urban College is dedicated to ensuring that professionals are able to effectively contribute to society, as well as grow their own careers and organisations. Our pedagogic approaches are highly engaging, deeply personalised, and practical.

Our Global Learning Outcomes serve as guiding principles for defining syllabi, and assessments. They are reflected in our course components, learning tools, and assignments.

Specialised knowledge


A through understanding of the information, tools, skills, techniques, processes, and best practices of a given field.

Our courses all ingrain a deep and systemic understand of a topic, one that is granular and tailored to the current evolution of the sector. Possessing this knowledge is key to being able to effectively perform one’s role on a team, and bring unique abilities and perspectives.


The ability to synthesise new information; engage with complex, real-world and ill-defined problems; to produce high quality outputs; and to adapt to a changing environment.

Through the project-based learning pedagogy, we help learners demonstrate the ability to solve problems valued by prospective employers. Learners are able to be creative, versatile, analytical and strategic, to achieve the outputs set out for them.


Using mass media, writing, oratory, and interpersonal means to inform, motivate, and negotiate effectively with diverse audiences.

Within our assessments, we capture the need for effective consensus building, promotion, and education. For any profession, communication is key to ensuring acceptance of new ideas, recognition, and overall success. Our courses empower professionals to communicate effectively with all stakeholders. 


Understanding the extended effect of one’s actions and engaging ethically, sensitively, and productively, with vulnerable and diverse groups across the world.

An effective professional sees themselves and their work within a larger global context. Our courses ensure that learners can think holistically about their influence. Informed decision making is key to addressing the larger social, technical and economic challenges that we are solving.  

Problem Solving
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