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Planning for Non-Planners
Introduction on how cities grow

  2 Day  free online certificate course on Participatory Planning


Have you ever wondered why that empty plot has not been converted into a neighbourhood park? Why are there no public spaces where you and your family can go for a picnic? Or why are there no 30 floor buildings in the city, despite the demand for housing and real estate? Why are there no cycling tracks in our cities? Why is crossing a road a game of life and death?

This course shall help you learn how to build more sustainable and inclusive cities. It will also explore the interrelationships between the physical, environmental, economic, and social factors in planning at the micro as well as macro level. The course will introduce the fundamental processes of planning, and help you understand how ideas get translated to action through city governments. The course shall help think about how you can participate and contribute to your city's development planning process.


Understand theories and models related to city planning in India and across the world

Able to understand the urban planning acts in India

Enable to address issues concerning urban planning and development

Evaluate the existing land use plan and be able to participate as a stakeholder in preparation of Master Plans / Development Plans

We also offer a long term course on
Planning for Non-Planners



History of urban planning and need for planned cities


Acts and Laws for urban planning and governance framework 


Understanding of land use planning and zoning regulations


Date: 29 - 30 October 2021

Time: 3pm - 5pm

New dates to be announced soon



Xerxes Rao is the Head - Urban Planning at Urban Management Centre. Xerxes brings with him 16 years of experience in urban development.


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