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Realizing a State-Wide Vision of Creation of Decentralized Wealth Centers in Odisha

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Housing and Urban Development Department, Govt. of Odisha adopted a decentralised solid waste management system for processing of municipal solid waste in the State and brought out a Standard Operating Procedure for establishing Micro Composting Centres (MCCs) and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) at each ward in every 114 cities of India. These facilities are co-located and have been aptly termed as “Wealth Centres”.

It has been experienced that, “Processing” i.e. efficient handling of waste in these “Wealth Centres” is not only a mandate for the Urban Local Body to safeguard the ecology, which is being fulfilled, but also when the entire solid waste management value chain is driven by women members of the Mission Shakti Groups and further moving a step ahead, associating the Transgender Groups in this process also provides inter alia a new horizon for these members of the Society, which ploughs back resources, creates employability and provides a new dignified identity to them.

Each ULB has been mandated to recognize organisations of waste pickers, informal waste collectors and promote them for participation in the solid waste management and thereby their integration to the system.

This vision is being translated into action throughout the State, augmenting its stature, utilising the infrastructures established for the decentralised solid waste management system, i.e. the Micro Composting Centres (MCC) and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), the “Wealth Centres”, institutionalising these, streamlining management of the said establishment for smooth and productive utilisation of all resources, operational, maintenance and follow up.

Functional MCC: 198

Functional MRF: 171

TOTAL: 369

Under construction: 94

Total WC in state: 463

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