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How to Capture Urban Data  
Exploring the Fundamentals of Urban Data Gathering, Designing and Implementation


India's cities need to have more data and to be able to use data for decision making. As officers and staff in cities, or as non-profits working to improve lives, collecting and managing data is a huge challenge. Inconvenient data collection tools, challenging data cleaning processes, and fragmented storage systems, lead to most data being unreliable or inaccessible for decision making.

National missions like SBM, AMRUT, and NULM, require intense and regular data collection and management. 

The Urban Management Centre has been working with cities all over the world to enable data driven decision making processes. In this course, we will explore the fundamentals of urban data gathering, designing implementable survey forms, and some digital tools to enable data collection.


Date: 18-19 February 2022

Time: 4pm - 6pm


Free Registration!



Kaninik Baradi is the Strategic Initiatives Officer at Urban Management Centre. He is an engineer exploring ways in which better management and technology can scaffold each other and build better cities. He has taught at CEPT, and IIT-Gn.

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Jay Shah is the Program Manager at Urban Management Centre. Jay has provided technical support to the Government of Gujarat for implementing objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission - Urban across all the ULBs of Gujarat. 

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